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Biolegend FAQ

Q: How do I order to get the Exclusive 30% Discount on products?
A: Simply fill out the online form and submit. We will process your order for you and your items will be shipped to the Antibody Lab. Once received we will email you to come and pick up your order. If we were to have any questions or require further information we would contact you directly.

Q: How do I know my final cost?
A: Biolegend products are purchased and shipped from Biolegend's US Warehouse. To get an idea on your final cost deduct 30% from the list price and convert to CND dollars using the days exchange rate. Tax and Duty is additional, Shipping is Free.

Q: How does my lab get billed?
A: Billing is dependent on your payment method.
UBC Speed Charts: Your lab will be billed at the end of our billing cycle.
PO#: since they are defined for a specific purchase are executed for each order request.

Q: How do I pay with a PO#?
A: PO#’s work differently with different institutions and as such it is hard to answer for all situations. If you are able to generate your own PO# directly without a purchasing dept. involved then do so. This will be easiest. Simply enter the PO# and provide your billing information. If you have to use a PO# issued through your purchasing dept. you or your purchasing dept. will have to fill out the online request form. In this case enter the PO# in the billing information field and upload a copy of the PO. PDF format preferred.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes, we can accept credit card payments but currently do not provide this feature online. To do so please enter “Credit Card” in the billing information field. After submission please contact us by phone (604-822-8060) to provide your payment details. For your security please DO NOT enter any credit card information into the online order request form. 

Q: Do I get an invoice?
A: UBC Speed Charts: When you are billed you will receive an itemized list totalling all your discounted purchases for that period along with the total amount charged to the provided Speed Chart(s).
PO#: In the case of a PO# each request is treated separately and an invoice will be sent to your accounts payable at the provided billing address. Of course, multiple items ordered at the same time with the same PO will be billed on one invoice which will be sent to the provided billing address.

Q: Can my Biolegend items be shipped directly to me?
A: Currently no, items from Biolegend are shipped directly to the UBC Antibody. Once your order has arrived you will recieve an email to come and collect your items.

Q: Is Shipping Included?
A: Within Canada Yes.

Q: How long does this take to ship?
A: In stock items typically ship by next day and may be expected typically 1-2 days from shipment.
Q: What if I change my mind about my order?
A: Ordering through the AbLab is no different than through other than receiving a discount. As such once the order is shipped you will not be able to cancel or make changes. We strongly suggest you review your order before submitting and subsequently the confirmation email you will receive. If you do need to cancel or make changes please contact us immediately at We will certainly do our best to make changes but cannot make any guarantees.

Q: Do you provide ETA's and Tracking info?
A: Currently we are not able to provide this information. However, if there were to be any delays we would do our best to inform you.